Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Another Day

It came and went unnoticed, just like any other day.
A useless, lonely, empty day...that took a year away.
Yet I don't feel much older, nor do I hate the face,
That I see in the miror, where age has left it's trace.
I wish that someone had noticed, or taken time to care.
Or called to say they thought of me, and wished that they were there.
But birthdays come and birthdays go, and time keeps marching on,
And friendships fade or go away, until you're left alone.
Today was just another day, and I was marking time...
My feelings hurt, my love light dimmed,
'Cause no one dropped a dime.
Not a single soul remembered, until the day had passed...
I guess I have discovered, the myth of friends, at last.

(Written on my 21st birthday)

Time's up!

Why must we continue, tell me, why does life drag on?
When all the things we work for, somehow turn out so wrong.
We work from sun to sun and yet, we never get ahead!
When the workday's finally over, it's time to go to bed.
Then get up in the morning, and start it all again...
And still, we sit and wonder, when will this nightmare end?
Someday it will be better! At least that's what they say.
We'll have the time to have some fun, and chase our cares away.
But have you ever noticed, no matter what is said,,,
As things start to get better....that's when you wake up DEAD!

The Name of the Game

Nothing makes sense anymore, everything I do is wrong.
My world is colored in darkness, every one I care for is gone.
I can't eat, I can's sleep, I can't concentrate.
My head aches, I'm tired, and my period's late,
I feel dizzy...I can't cope, I don't even try.
I have strange fits of laughter, and I don't know why.
I go to bed tired, and wake up the same.
I have memory lapses, where I don't know my name.
I dread coming in here, and I feel like a slob.
I think it's depression, IT'S BECAUSE OF MY JOB!
I need a diversion. Some sweet get-away.
Maybe a vacation? But I need it TODAY!
Well, money is low, and debts sure are high.
And I don't get time off, 'till the end of July!
So I guess I'll just fake it, for each day is the same.
It's a's a paycheck.
That's the name of the game.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Autumn Leaves

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Floating gracefully to the earth, the leaves of Summer go.
Dancing merrily to the ground, while the wind does blow.
Twisting, turning, raising, falling, no pattern do I see.
Like a graceful ballerina, dancing just for me.
Rainbows of color, all around, red, brown, orange and green,
Multi-hued and crackling sounds, their beauty goes unseen.
For once they leave their tree-born home, and topple down to rest,
They cease to be a wonder, and just become a mess.
Something we have to sweep away, as we toss out last week's news,
Prepairing for the Winter's snow, their beauty, we abuse.
For Winter brings a resting, a peaceful quiet scene.
That takes us into Spring time, with it's bursting shades of green.
But Autumn leaves, and Autumn sounds, begin to set the mood,
That fulfill the Creator's promise, that life shall be renewed.

Just Wednesday

Everywhere I look these days, I see hearts and Cupid's bows.
They tell us in their subtle ways, to show how our love goes.
It seems they have a holiday, for each and every act.
But if that's what it is to care, I'd rather give it back
To me, my love is private.I let it light my way.
Love, it seems, should not be saved, for just one holiday.
I shall not buy a present, to give my Valentine.
I tell him each and every day, that I'm so glad he's mine.
Tonight, we'll light some candles, we'll share a meal and wine,
We'll dance around the parlor, and that will be just fine.
I know we both remember, what makes this feel so right.
'Tho this is not a holiday, it's just a Wednesday night.
We're friends who love each other, we're kids who still believe,
That it is still more blessed,to give than to receive.
For no one owns tomorrow, we only have today.
Dont's save it for it may not come, just give your love away.