Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Another Day

It came and went unnoticed, just like any other day.
A useless, lonely, empty day...that took a year away.
Yet I don't feel much older, nor do I hate the face,
That I see in the miror, where age has left it's trace.
I wish that someone had noticed, or taken time to care.
Or called to say they thought of me, and wished that they were there.
But birthdays come and birthdays go, and time keeps marching on,
And friendships fade or go away, until you're left alone.
Today was just another day, and I was marking time...
My feelings hurt, my love light dimmed,
'Cause no one dropped a dime.
Not a single soul remembered, until the day had passed...
I guess I have discovered, the myth of friends, at last.

(Written on my 21st birthday)

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